Hi, we are Elizabeth and Amanda the co-founders of The Kukhoma Project. While working for another non-profit organization in Lusaka, Zambia, God put on our hearts a specific calling. In the summer of 2017, He burdened our hearts with thousands of girls in the city who were victims of sexual abuse that had and subsequently become pregnant. Despite being so large in number, this group of children was being ignored with virtually no care facilities or organizations existing to save them. Along with this burden came a vision; a vision of a home that was not only safe, but one of rehabilitation, including counselling, discipleship, skills/trade training, and partnerships with schools for ongoing education. This place would even teach self-sustainability for the programs and engage other women in the community in efforts to empower them.

Since July, we’ve realized God’s call was not one of the distant future, but an urgent one. Thousands upon thousands of girls in our city are suffering in a culture prevalent throughout Africa; one of abuse and rape that silences women by shame and fear. Few resources or facilities are available to victims of abuse, especially those who become pregnant. We know that the time is now to not only provide a safe facility for these girls, but also begin work to engage women in our community – to equip them and empower them. We are being called to fight for them, to fight for their voice.

Kukhoma is a Nyanja word roughly translated meaning “to hope for.” God’s providence is in and over any and all aspects of this life, including this project – and in that we have hope. Pray that He continues to reveal His will in a way that gives Him the sole glory. Pray that He uses this project as a tool to make a way – a way for lives to be given hope and restoration in His name.

Grateful for your support,

Elizabeth and Amanda