our program

The TKP House is a full-time care facility for pregnant, abused, teen girls which provides comprehensive care and skills training during a 2-year residential program. Upon completion of the program, girls will reintegrate back to their communities as mothers, well-prepared and equipped to support themselves and their babies.

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Each girl carries her own story, background, skills, and talents with her when she moves into the TKP House; and no two girls are the same. To ensure maximum potential growth for each girl, we design individually-tailored programs and trainings are which all include the following core components (see left).

Phase 1 begins upon admission to the house. These components are addressed more intensely at the beginning and adjusted accordingly based on each girl’s individual needs.

Phase 2 begins in year 2 of the overall program. Each girl and her family will be provided with either intensive Sewing/Tailoring training or Agriculture training. The family’s track will be determined upon assessment and recommendation by the TKP staff.

Family Engagement

When the time comes for the girls to move back to the communities, their home culture, community, and environment will generally not align with the trainings that have been poured into each girl (i.e child development, parenting skills,etc). For this reason, TKP involves the families of the girls from the very beginning. If the girls return home to a fully engaged and supportive family, fully equipped with the same education and trainings from TKP as the girls, the chance of making a lasting cultural change is much higher. 

Part of TKP’s admission criteria is that each girl would have at least 2-3 parents and/or guardians who are willing to take the girl and her baby back into their home upon completion of the 2-year residential program. These guardians must commit to attending and participating in specialized trainings, which include discipleship, counseling, and child development lessons. Then, like the girls’ program, they will begin specific skills trainings in Year 2.

TKP’s ability to impact long-lasting cultural change multiplies when parents, guardians, and the community are engaged as well.


Upon successful completion of the 2-year, individualized program in the TKP House, the teen mothers and their babies will reintegrate back to the community. The receiving family must have also successfully completed the TKP parent/guardian trainings to be considered ready; and the home environment must be assessed and approved by local governing authorities.

Teen moms will return to their communities restored and made whole again from trauma and brokenness, equipped and strengthened with skills to care for themselves and their families, and empowered to make an impact and be the change in their world.