Our Team

Amanda Switzer, Co-Founder & Executive Director (Dallas, Texas)

Amanda Switzer, co-founder and Executive Director of the Kukhoma Project, has over a decade of experience working within the education system in Dallas, Texas and Lusaka, Zambia in various leadership roles. Amanda was born and raised in Chicago, has received a master’s level of education in Instructional Technology and Computing and Education from Columbia University and a bachelor’s degree from Baylor University. 

In the first 7 years of Amanda’s career, she served as a classroom educator at Highland Park High School in Dallas, Texas. Amanda felt passionate about impacting and equipping her students beyond the classroom and was actively involved in student ministries on campus. Through a series of events, in 2014, Amanda felt called by God to move overseas to impact students and communities in Lusaka, Zambia. For the past 4 years, Amanda has worked tirelessly and passionately in her various leadership roles to serve the 15,000 children in Family Legacy’s sponsorship program, as well as the 600 Zambian staff called to serve them. Some of Amanda’s experience in Zambia includes: on-boarding the secondary education program, overseeing procurement of 15,000 students, the operations of 25 schools, program manager of “Student Life” program and most recently co-program manager over all schools.

Through Amanda’s opportunities in various leadership roles in Zambia, the Lord shined a light in 2017 on a weaker vessel in Zambia’s culture and education system: protection and support for teens impregnated by sexual abuse. The Lord clearly called Amanda and colleague Elizabeth to meet this need in a powerful way and the Kukhoma Project vision became a reality in 2018. As of the summer of 2018, Amanda now resides in Dallas where she is fully devoted to building a strong infrastructure for The Kukhoma Project.

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Elizabeth Ngalwile, our very own visionary, co-founder and Country Director of The Kukhoma Project is born and raised in Lusaka, Zambia and above all, feels called to seek the Lord and serve him fervently in all that she does. For the last decade, Elizabeth has worked tirelessly, by the strength of the Lord to love, serve, strengthen, identify, educate, minister to and fight for the orphan and vulnerable children of Zambia through Family Legacy’s education system and the 15,000 children He has entrusted into their care. 

Elizabeth is known by her love for each individual child that she has had the privilege to serve; she is able to recount, identify and explain the unique details in the lives of hundreds of children. At the young age of 21, Elizabeth’s career began as she served as a live-in house parent for 12 orphaned children at the Tree of Life Children’s village. For the last decade, Elizabeth has faithfully served in various roles within Zambia’s education system as a discipleship leader, field worker, area coordinator, and department head for social services. 

In 2017, the Lord clearly identified a specific passion within Elizabeth for impregnated teen girls through sexual abuse, both in the experience of her students, as well as in her own story. It is through this passion where The Kukhoma Project vision began. By the grace of God, the vision became a reality in 2018 as Elizabeth and Amanda launched a ministry, seeking to build a safe place for sexually abused pregnant teens to live and thrive.